President's Message

Varghese George P

We have passed the milestone of 50 years. The longevity of any organisation of people depends on the strength of its founding ideals. Fortunately, CSBOA was formed by leaders of great character and let us remember with gratitude the great legacy entrusted to us and the rock solid foundation laid by them for us to build on. Let us salute all these great men and women. Fifty years down the road, we have grown from 100 to more than 1200, comprising officers who represent entire India. Going forward, we have to reinvent ourselves, assimilate the aspirations of the younger generation who form the majority now and make CSBOA relevant to the changed circumstances.

Secretary's Message

Ramasubrahmanian T N

Being a Strong Loyal and Diligent Stakeholder of CSB, we have to constantly improve to rebuild the unity, strength, and talents of CSBOAns in overcoming hurdles and ensuring the continued growth of our organisation
People are at their best when they are challenged. If we don't challenge ourselves, nature has its own way of giving us challenges. There is great value in our struggles, and human nature has always shown us that we cherish what we get, whenever we struggle to achieve them.
Let us work together to lead the path to make our beloved CSB a wonderful organisation for all its stakeholders
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